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October 19

Mercy Road is highly recommended."

— Readers' Favorite


“Do you believe in reincarnation?”

The original, genre-bending series comes home as a 4-volume set, only on Kindle Books— includes the novels Mercy Road, Founding Fathers, Dead’s Haven and Olivia & Hale.

Olivia and Hale are two damned souls with a problem — after surviving a sadistic game of reincarnations throughout human history, Hale becomes Death and Olivia is left without a body to stop her embittered friend from destroying the world.

Weaving an epic adventure across multiple genres, worlds and time periods, Olivia’s quest to humble and reign in Hale seeps into the lives of unsuspecting mortals— from the young Harper Whitaker in the coming-of-age story Mercy Road; the town of Haven, Washington, which is mired in political upheaval; or Tim Hawkins, a former teacher who ventures to an outlaw paradise.

Stopping at nothing to reclaim the moral high ground, Olivia must convince these strangers that their only hope of surviving Death’s vision of their future is to come together, and remove her nemesis from celestial power in his own realm of purgatory known as the Shroud, before he can merge the worlds of the living and dead.

Can Olivia assemble her allies to save her friend and restore order to the afterlife? Or will her lack of autonomy allow Hale to succeed in destroying all life on Earth?

Your journey through the afterlife begins here — get it today!

"There is so much content in these books, and I am glad I read all four together and not separately, as characters return and the books blend nicely into the next. I highly recommend this series for anyone looking for a well written story that covers a little of everything, dystopian, paranormal, this series really pushes the limits and makes you think."


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Olivia & Hale Series

The Book of Death Series


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