The Book of Death: Book Three

Befriended by the celestial being called Death as a child— and betrayed as an adult— a former FBI agent awakens to a world in ruin, but does not suffer its effects long. Transported to the land of Atlas, she is soon tasked with preventing a coup against the supreme realm's Grand Council, and preventing an ancient evil from destroying the pinnacle of Creation, along with all living things it governs.

The third volume in the Book of Death series sees the return of prodigal investigator Ramona Knox — only this time, the city through which her pursuit runs is not Washington D.C., but an epic fantasy world where old enemies become allies, angels battle winged monsters and a resentful, banished god lies in wait for the end of existence.

The path into darkness is lined with a thousand blinding lights.

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What Readers Say...

This book is intense and action-packed, and the reader will be submerged deep into the thick of a supernatural mission. This book is highly recommended to anyone looking for an out of this world adventure!

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Often, throughout my time reading, I would find myself thinking about Atlas, while I was away from the book, mentally digesting the complex and intricate moral battles among and within our main character. In her own words, Ramona is moving from "one twisted scenario to another, compartmentalizing double-crosses, shifting allegiances, misdirections and personal betrayals." If you are a fan of fantasy, you'll love this series. 

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Both literary and earthy, Atlas is an extraordinary novel that defies genre classification and tropes. Angels, gods, magi and dragons, yes, but not like this. Just as you think you've got a handle on this world, it shocks you again. Imaginative, complex, heart rending, violent and mind-boggling, Atlas is one of my favourite ever reads and the easiest 5 stars I've given.

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