THE SHROUD SAGA is a genre-bending saga across time, space and multiple realms of existence— from a level of purgatory called the Shroud to Earth and the heavenly Atlas above. Split into two distinctive series (OLIVIA & HALE and its spin-off series THE BOOK OF DEATH), this expansive adventure spans eight novels that range from urban fantasy to supernatural thrillers and sci-fi Westerns.   

Olivia & Hale Series

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Mercy Road

In the opening chapter of this sci-fi series, a young girl in therapy over her mother's PTSD-related suicide rescues a captive woman from her neighbor's cellar. As the media, police and her surviving parent become involved, Harper finds herself as the only person the clairvoyant and traumatized Grace will confide in — leaving her nowhere to turn but the therapist trying to help her make amends with her mother's death.

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Founding Fathers

In the second standalone book of the OLIVIA & HALE series, we meet Peter York, a low-grade drug runner for Viktor Quinn and his girlfriend Sydney. When Peter hears a rumor that Viktor may be involved with more nefarious schemes — organizing rallies for a populist governor candidate, among them — he is pulled into a world of perceived injustices and hints of white supremacy. 

As a plan to harness social media to incite nationwide protests becomes reality, Peter will have to decide if the company he keeps is worth dying for, and how far he will allow Viktor and Sydney to go in their quest to return America to a whiter future.

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Dead's Haven

In the penultimate standalone book, the OLIVIA & HALE series returns to Haven, WA — the site of the previous novel, FOUNDING FATHERS. Now under siege from a separate force of paramilitary outlaws that see political opportunity in the town's struggles, Haven is left to its own devices as a modern outlaw paradise.

A stranger named Tim Hawkins arrives, trying to outrun his recent past, even as he is trailed by a troublesome orphan named Caleb. What's even more troublesome is the constant presence of his late wife Hannah, a ghost he cannot seem to be rid of. But as Tim becomes entrapped in Haven's darkness, he realizes the town is not what he thought it represented...and the ghost of his dead wife may be something far more nefarious.

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Olivia & Hale

In the final, self-titled book of the OLIVIA & HALE series, six strangers awaken in a desolate version of Manhattan where the sky is purple and monsters lurk around every corner.


Following a series of clues, the grown Harper Whitaker must unite this ragtag group against the Shroud's guardian Hale — a figure that has interfered in each of their lives, drawing them into his realm of cannibals, golems and danger. 

The Book of Death Series


A rookie FBI agent who was befriended by the celestial being called Death as a child is assigned to a case hunting down a child trafficking ring, led by the enigmatic Jordan West.


As Ramona's maiden investigation leads her through the Catholic Church, the heart of the Bureau, and even the afterlife itself, her relationship with Death may be all that protects her from a darker truth.

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Underworld Earth

THE BOOK OF DEATH's second volume continues a genre-bending tradition in UNDERWORLD EARTH. Now disgruntled and immortal, a suicidal Harper Whitaker is summoned by the supreme realm Atlas after a series of butterfly effects results in a deadly plague decimating Earth. To undo the damage, and close this alternate timeline, Harper must kill seven reincarnated individuals. But not all of them will be easy, and some of them are old friends from previous adventures.

Can the newly immortal Phoenix put her feelings — and death wish — in their place long enough to serve the greater good?

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The penultimate volume of THE BOOK OF DEATH sees the return of prodigal investigator Ramona Knox as she is transported to the land of Atlas, and charged with keeping the heavenly realm's Grand Council safe from a resentful, banished god awaiting the end of existence.


But everywhere Ramona turns in this strange new world, she is met with betrayal, violence and heartbreak — and that's not even accounting for the fact that an old ally of Death's may wait in the wings to help the Dark Lord Ziz destroy Atlas in its entirety.