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Harper is the central protagonist of the OLIVIA & HALE series, and plays a major role in its spinoff The Book of Death. As a mortal in the original books, Harper was introduced as a teen in Mercy Road before returning as an adult pulled into Hale's world. 

Harper was a criminal defense attorney from Orillia, Canada before larger events forced her to save existence from an embittered Death intent on destroying the fabric between realms. Following the events of OLIVIA & HALE, Harper inherited a locket which ensures her immortality — something she has been on a quest to be rid of throughout the second series.

Harper is an LGBT-representative character with strong altruistic traits. Rejoining her life companion Em is the subject of her motivation,  as they are constantly separated across time and space.


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Like Harper, Tim was a central protagonist in OLIVIA & HALE before becoming the title character in THE BOOK OF DEATH.

Born in Valencia, California, Tim's young life was shattered by the disappearance of his sister Grace in 1989. His marriage to his late wife Hannah resulted in her ghost leading him to the outlaw town of Haven, WA in 2025, where he was put on the path to replacing Hale as Death.

The spinoff follows Tim's exploits and flawed decisions as a celestial being, and all the consequences that come of it.


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As THE BOOK OF DEATH's central human protagonist, Ramona Carol Knox is a former FBI agent whose lifelong relationship with a celestial being named Death led her into the world of gods and immortals.

First introduced in Leviathan, Ramona's young life was marked by tragedy in the form of her parents' murder-suicide. She suspects this event caused the man who calls himself Death to appear to her as a child, and guide her through her tumultuous FBI career.

Ramona returns in Atlas after an absence in Underworld Earth, and suddenly finds herself pulled into a world of angels and winged beasts as she seeks to save the heavenly realm of Atlas from an ancient, resentful god and his minions.