The Book of Death: Book One

"I am not a monster."

Ramona Knox is a rookie agent at the FBI with a special advantage — since she was a child, Ramona has been visited by a suited man who says he is Death.

Now on her first case with the Bureau in Washington, Ro is assigned to apprehend a heinous group of child traffickers, led by the enigmatic Jordan West.

When another child goes missing, Ramona must capitalize on every lead, leaving no stone unturned. As she and her friend Death venture further down the rabbit hole, West’s trail leads through the Catholic Church, the Bureau and into the afterlife itself. And as the evidence mounts, Ramona begins to believe her old companion might know more about her fate than he’s letting on.

Can Ramona follow the trail to Jordan West and save a young child? Or will she fall into the same trap which has already claimed other agents?

Urban fantasy meets kidnapping thriller in the first installment in The Book of Death series! Get your copy now!


What Readers Say...

Gripping and Gritty Suspense Dunked in Supernatural Thrills. Nicholas Gagnier is a talented writer with a mastery over written language that gives the reader a clear vision of characters, setting and action, but exerting a level control over the revelations of the story in a way that kept me grasping for clarity of what was really going on between some of the characters and situations. I mean this in the very best way. The author teases with some details, holds back full meaning in some interchanges, etc. And I just had to keep plunging onward with Ramona to get the answers!

Amazon / Goodreads Review

Outstanding! Action-packed! The Book of Death: Leviathan is a suspenseful and twisted thriller with supernatural elements that will keep you racing to turn the pages to see what will happen next. This book is action packed, and it takes you on a journey into the life of a rookie FBI agent, Ramona Knox, who’s tragic past still lurks in the recesses of her mind. Ramona is a compelling character that is willing to sacrifice herself in the name of justice for whom she is fighting. There are twists and turns throughout the book, and there’s no way the reader will guess the ending.

Amazon / Goodreaders Review

What a ride! This is a great thriller, much like a America's Most Wanted story meets Supernatural and Constantine with a strong female lead! I would lightly recommend reading Olivia and Hale first (even of just the last book). However it's not really necessary since this can stand on its own. Looking forward to follow ups in this series or anything related.

Goodreads Review