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This portal fantasy series splits itself between a reform school in New Hampshire and the magical world of Sommerland — where civil war and persecution are rife, and inner power is waiting to be unlocked in natives and outlanders alike.

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What Readers Say...

In fact, that’s the sub-context of the entire novel, it’s a story of inequality and how to overcome it. This is as timely as it comes and written in such a way it can be applied to any injustice, from sexism, to racism, to any prejudice that thwarts equity. This subject is one I am familiar with, in all of Gagnier’s work, he has never been afraid of tackling challenging or controversial subjects and he always ensures his work reflects his belief that we are all equal. To translate this into Science-Fantasy works extremely well and elevates the art form.

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Embers of Aloessia follows unlikely friends Vee, Lara, and her brother, Antam, on their journey through Sommerland in search of Rivera and the rumored safety there. There are far more people interested in turning a blind eye to their plight or handing them over to the guard than ones willing to help. The road is long and the stakes high. Will they make it to Rivera alive, and what will they find if they get there? Well, you’ll just have to read it yourself to find out.

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Wow. I was stunned and speechless reading this. So many different issues going on and all of it so dark and incredibly heavy. Very well written and in such a compelling way that you need to find out what next. Harper is the conduit for all things strange and mysterious. I hope there is a follow up story so we can keep track of what is happening next in her world.

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