Olivia & Hale Series: Book Three

The path into darkness is lined with a thousand blinding lights.


Tim Hawkins has lost his mind. His recently dead wife Hannah appears everywhere, even as he struggled to move past her loss. Desperate to be rid of her ghost, he travels to the polarizing town of Haven — a modern outlaw paradise that disallows technology and is guarded by a brutal militia.


As Tim seeks haven in the uniquely seceded town, the merciless militia oversteps the boundary of brutality. A resistance builds within the town, endeavoring to liberate it.


Unable to break free of Haven’s sadism, Tim regrets his decision to run away from the life he had. But now his choices are limited--join the rebelion or die.


With the ghost of his wife constantly whispering in his ear, he is not sure who to trust. But is she who she claims to be?


The paranormal erupts in the third standalone book of the Olivia & Hale series. Get your copy now!

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What Readers Say...

Wonderful Read! I cannot say enough good things about this author and his writing. I love the story and was glued to the story throughout. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Keep writing Mr. Gagnier!

Amazon / Goodreads Review

A superb work of fiction with an unexpected paranormal twist. This book got right under my skin; the characters, the sense of hopelessness within the town, the faint promise of redemption . . . Gagnier’s writing is superb. Punchy dialogue and masterful descriptions give the story a cinematic feel. The cast of characters are in your face from the start, so intuitively forming within the plot it’s hard to believe they’re fictional. 

Amazon / Goodreaders Review

Dead’s Haven is not only an action packed fiction, but a piercing look at the state of politics. It is about broken down people who are mistreated by those who have the power to make positive changes and choose not to for selfish gain. Does that sound familiar?

If you’ve not read Founding Fathers, please do so, and then read Dead’s Haven. You will not be disappointed.

Goodreads Review