Olivia & Hale Series: Book Two

It only takes one moment to change the world.

Peter is adrift. He’s nothing but a low-level drug mule for Viktor Quinn and his girlfriend. However, when he hears a rumor that Viktor is working for a populist gubernatorial candidate to foster widespread unrest with modern social media, he can’t stay down anymore.

As rumors become reality, his hometown becomes the epicenter of a white supremacy movement overnight. Peter is torn between comfort and morality, and must decide how far he’ll allow Viktor to go in his quest for a “purer” America.

Can Peter retain a divide between his income and Viktor’s politics? After all, you are the company you keep.

High-octane storytelling meets the zeitgeist in the second standalone novel in the Olivia & Hale series — don’t miss out!

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What Readers Say...

"Founding Fathers is a terrifyingly believable story of a supremacist uprising. The characters perpetuate acts of extreme violence whilst an anti-hero in the guise of Peter York is thrust before us, looking helplessly on, passively enabling events. This is Peter's great conflict and through him Gagnier forces us to face the frightening truth that Peter is us."

John de Gruyther, The World Outside the Window

"Nicholas Gagnier has weaved fire into Founding Fathers, and I dare anyone who reads it to step away and try not to check themselves and everything they believe."

Nicole Lyons, The Lithium Chronicles

I can only take my hat off to a writer of this caliber and creed. Gagnier is a fierce voice in this flat world, his stories demand to be read and appreciated for the subjects they tackle, which are NEVER safe and NEVER easy and always leave you thinking and thinking and thinking. Gagnier in this sense is a real voice of our generation, he provokes you into considering the disquieting truth of how our lives really are. No more so than this latest creation, Founding Fathers. Gagnier took on a very unsafe subject and pushed the envelope as far as it would go. He did this because that's what he does, he instinctively knows what needs to be talked about and examined at a profound level, what we cannot leave unsaid but so often do. Gagnier's novels examine those subjects others would shy away from, and in so doing, become the truth we seek. Founding Fathers is perhaps his greatest example of this truth-telling thus far, and you will not be disappointed - instead, you will be enraged and you will be provoked and you will want things to change. I read this novel in one sitting and you'll soon see why. Outstanding talent. 

Candice Louisa Daquin, Pinch the Lock