Olivia & Hale Series: Book One

”I am the unhinged...and the world is my asylum.”

13-year old Harper is in therapy for the death of her mother. And that’s saying nothing of the trafficking victim she rescued from her next door neighbor’s cellar.

As her father becomes embroiled in a criminal case that threatens to destroy their lives, the despondent teenager is left to confide in her detached and aloof therapist Charlotte. If the woman who she began seeing to cope with Nancy’s suicide can’t help her through these harrowing events, Harper’s shattered family stands to be permanently damaged.

Will the mysterious woman that Harper saved from slavery be the key to healing the devastated Whitaker family? Or will their involvement destroy everything they have left?

Magical realism meets coming-of age drama in this epic origin story. Grab it now!

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What Readers Say...

I couldn't put this down!! A beautifully haunting story, playing on the harsh realities of life's (seemingly) serendipitous circumstances and the maneuvers we take in healing through them. Poignant. Important. A must read. Looking forward to more from this author!

Amazon / Goodreads Review

Gagnier’s work leaves the reader an addict to his mastery of character building and insightful understanding of the underbelly and what it inflicts on its most vulnerable. The reader is at once moved, disturbed and desperate to know more about those people Gagnier fleshes out as realistically as our own consciousness. 

Amazon / Goodreads Review

Wow. I was stunned and speechless reading this. So many different issues going on and all of it so dark and incredibly heavy. Very well written and in such a compelling way that you need to find out what next. Harper is the conduit for all things strange and mysterious. I hope there is a follow up story so we can keep track of what is happening next in her world.

Amazon / Goodreads Review