Olivia & Hale Series: Book Three

Someone must always be Death.

Six strangers awaken in an alternate version of New York City. The sky is purple. There is not another soul besides them. And there are giant monsters in Central Park.

Led by Harper Whitaker, these strangers must follow a series of phone calls on pay phones across this purgatorial wasteland.

In this ghosted American frontier of eccentric allies and new foes, one embittered celestial being looms over all the others. Realizing the extent that the realm’s guardian Hale has interfered in all their lives, the survivors must learn the Shroud’s darkest secrets to defeat him before he can merge the worlds of the living and dead.

With the group’s unity fraying, can Harper lead her allies to defeat Death and return to the lives they knew? And even if they can, will they ever be the same?

The conclusion to the Olivia & Hale series is a journey through the afterlife unlike any you’ve seen. Get it today!

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What Readers Say...

I hardly like such topics but this book is written beautifully. It took me very deep into the hold of imagination which were hidden deep down. The way the Author Nicholas Gagnier expressed, depicted and wrote the whole story it took my mind to the next level of imagination. I would highly recommend my fellow readers and authors to read this epic novel.

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These creations of Gagniers EXIST and they stay with you long after the book is over; “Time is a cruel trick. To some, like me, it is a vast canopy promising nothing but emptiness. To others, however, it is beyond their wildest comprehensions. Lifespans spent accumulating knowledge to pass onto descendants to further explore is, at best, a futile attempt to understand just how vast a distance time can reach within a few short years.” (Olivia). This is because when you live and breathe writing, you have that spellbinding gift of bringing your characters to life and those who read your work aren’t just reading a work of fiction, they are reading an entire universe. If there is a way of ending a series, I loved every chapter of, then Gagnier has once more, pulled it off and given us, a true masterpiece now, in his epic cast of characters and their incredible lives, that come together more powerfully than any series I have ever read.

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Nicholas Gagnier has written an epic finale to the Olivia & Hales series. His imagination surpasses anything I thought possible in creating this world. His writing takes you into The Shroud for the final showdown along with the characters. The characters are fantastic, the storyline superb, and the book flows flawlessly. You can start breathing again after you turn the last page.

Do not miss this story; you will not regret reading it!

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